It’s Frankfurt time again

(Originally published on 12 October 2015)

The annual Frankfurt Book Fair starts on Tuesday, and guess who will be there causing his usual havoc in the exhibition halls and around the unfortunate German town? Jesper Jinx, of course. He is already anxiously waiting for his flight to Frankfurt.

Jesper JinxThis time, though, he’s not travelling with his usual guardian, the silly old scribbler (me). Instead, he will spend the week with my Foreign Rights Agent, Mister Paul. I’m sure they are going to have a good time together. Although their main aim at the fair is to sell translation rights for Jesper’s children’s book series, I bet they’re going to have some lighter kind of fun too. This could mean, for example, meeting with Jesper’s Polish publisher, meeting with his Turkish publisher, meeting with his Chinese publisher, meeting with his Czech publisher, or even meeting with his Vietnamese publisher. But it could also mean having some REAL fun. Which, in Jesper’s case, could mean anything from pulling some legendary pranks on his travel companion to accidentally ending up giving a speech at the Children’s Book Centre. I just hope he can behave himself enough to make us all proud of him, instead of embarrassing us with any disrespectful behaviour.

Getting rid of that rascal for a week also gives me a great opportunity to concentrate on writing something new, something completely different from Jesper’s usual antics. So as you can well imagine, I’m really, really looking forward to this week. I’m actually planning to spend the following days with a rather weird group of pirates and kangaroos. But more of that project later.

One more thing – if you’re in Frankfurt this week, and happen to bump into Jesper, say ‘hello’ to him from me, okay? If you see him wandering aimlessly around the halls at the book fair, carrying a bagful of prints and posters (and Turkish Peppers), ask him nicely and he may provide you with a copy of his latest Rights Guide. If, however, you’re not in town, you can still download Jesper’s Rights Guide by clicking on a link below:

Jesper Jinx Catalog
Download Jesper Jinx Catalog / Rights Guide 2015 (pdf)



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